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1 Cellphone Dominoes (2007)
Verizon commercial where Cellphones are arranged and toppled like dominoes
2 Office Lunch Time (2007)
A guy brings in Carl's Jr.'s Portabello Mushroom Six Dollar Burger to work, replates them and have their friends chip in $20 each to pay for the food.
3 Monkey Business (2008)
Daughter packs her monkey doll in the father's suitcase so he can have company during his business trip. The father takes pictures with the doll everywhere he goes and sends them back home using his AT&T wireless phone. Super Bowl XLII.
4 Chasing Gurney (2008)
Commercial for Plavix, featuring a gurney chasing a "healthy" man.
5 What's New In Deodorants - Women (2007)
Ad/Informercial for the new prescription-strength deodorant by Degree. This is the short version of the commercial.
6 Frustrated Chefs (2007)
Three chefs are desperate and frustrated trying to match the great taste of the Bertolli Mediterranean frozen dinners.
7 Embrace Yourself (2007)
Commercial for D&G male and female watches. The commercial makes it appear that the girl and the guy will meet each other when actually they just met themselves and embrace in a kiss.
8 Celebrity Road Hazards (2008)
A driver at night taking advantage of his bridgestone tires to avoid numerous hazards on the road which includes a deer and a couple of celebrities. Super Bowl XLII.
9 Nude Beach Vacation (2008)
A family on vacation in Spain walks into a nude beach by accident because they didn't have coverage on their cellphone to get a warning call.
10 Wedding Photos (2007)
A little girl takes endless photos with her digital camera during a wedding.

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