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Have you ever tried to find information about a commercial you saw on tv?
Who's that guy? Who's that girl? What was that song?
We had the same questions and it was hard for us to find the answers anywhere - or better yet - all in one place, so we decided to build this website to help you (and help us) find that information nicely organized.

We are building this website every day, adding commercials as we see them and as fast as we can find the information about it.
Your help is also appreciated, if you have ever worked on a commercial or if you know some info about it but you can't see it here, please let us know here and we'll add it for all to enjoy. We'll keep track of who help us and soon will add a list of collaborators.

Thanks for finding us and enjoy the website,

The TVAdsPlus Team.

Updated April 1st, 2008.

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